Theo, Marja and our daughter Zoë. In 2007 we’ve moved to Bali with our 8-year-old daughter. Life in another country, living in a tropical climate, but above all may live and stay in a villa on the beach of Lovina Beach in Northern Bali is a dream for everyone, but for us as a family it became a reality. Living close to the Bali Sea, see how the magic colors of skies over the sea every day change. Strange birds of all colors, butterflies with different shapes and sizes, indoor plants in the garden, fresh coconut at our own tree. Everything is different, but normal life goes on and Zoë attends school. A local Indonesian school where she was the only white, blue-eyed student for almost 4 years. Curious about all her experiences click here. After 5 years we’ve moved back to Holland where our daughter has dutch education which we preferred at her age.

Design, decorating, and architecture, a daily activity for us as a company in the form of Stand Art, but also our way of life . We have designed our villas themselves, first to self occupy and later adapted to rent so others can enjoy the paradise that North Bali has to offer. Villa Shanti is our 3rd design of a beach villa . Besides the Buka and Buka Kecil this Bagan bagas has been designed to live in the tropics near the sea. Villa Asmara, our first villa we rent out too.

Symmetry and tranquility, luxury western and Balinese features, these were guidelines for the design of Villa Shanti. It will surprise no one that the villa being build at a rice field is inspired by a Balinese rice house. The tropical garden, lotus ponds with their own path to the sea, Villa Shanti is surrounded by nature. From various terraces one can look at the authentic Bali, how the rice fields are processed, how the grapes are cut and how the heavy baskets are brought by the women to the road.

Villa Shanti is designed to provide the environment to its full potential. Pride alone in the hinterland with a direct connection to the sea. An oasis of tranquility and a paradise for those who want to dive into the pool.

We love traveling, exploring new environments, close to home, but also further afield. The possibility of living several years in Bali gave us the chance to discover a part of Asia.

First Indonesia, where we have the advantage of our blonde daughter mastering the language with a local Balinese accent wich surprises every Indonesian. Face to face with the Komodo veraan, sleeping in the jungle with the orang-utans. Volcanoes climbed and shopping malls overcome.

Sumatra, with its tea plantations and Mossy Forest, China with its terra cotta army and the Chinese Wall, Australia and his ocean road. The luxury of Singapore and the beauty of Thailand and Malaysia. From local markets to luxury hotels, we love the variety and enjoy both.

We are typically Dutch, we like the river landscape and the sea. Drinking lots of coffee and have grown up with milk and cheese. Netherlands is our home, where we were born, know the culture, the language and understand the people. Netherlands, the country rarely a “miscommunication”, where efficiency reigns supreme and where you are on the bike path to follow.

The Netherlands is also the land of our family and friends, where you always have the ‘home’ feeling. Currently we live again in Holland and enjoy all the good things Western culture has to offer.


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